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We Recommend and Sell These Items Year Round

This expanded sequel to Uncommon Fruits Worthy of Attention is chock full of valuable information, drawings, and photos of many of the plants we sell including pawpaw, persimmon, jujube and hardy kiwi.

$24.00 (postpaid).


Landscaping with Fruit
by Lee Reich

Another great book by Reich, full of all the information that you need to plain your edible landscaping for maximum eating and visual pleasure.
$25.00 (includes postage).


Grow Fruits Naturally
by Lee Reich

An encyclopedic listing of common and uncommon fruits and how to grow them without pesticides.
$30.00 (includes postage).


Annie crafts these cat-pleasing feather wands of mainly reused or sustainably harvested materials. The wand is made of sanded cedar, the dropped feathers come from local chickens and birds,the fabric is reused, and the catnip is organic. Even our 13 year old cat becomes a kitten again when this toy is brought out. A portion of the proceeds will go to Friends of Animals(see "news").
$10.00 (includes postage).


Gift certificates are available in any denomination or for any plant.

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