Hidden Springs Nursery


Hidden Springs Nursery will be transitioning over the next few seasons to just selling a few of our most popular items in the future. This means that once we sell out of some things we will be refunding and no longer taking backorders. We apologize if this causes any confusion with your orders. There may be limited quantities of items we used to sell, please inquire by email before ordering. We still have Azarole. Big Red mayhaw, a few apple trees, a few "Supermol" medlar, some Noire of Spain mulberry, a few fig plants, and Chester Thornless blackberry.

About Our Business

We differ from most modern businesses in that our primary objective is not to make huge profits, but to provide plants we feel good about and to make an honest, simple living. Using sustainable agriculture principles, we remain small and rely mainly on our own labor. Our quality, disease-resistant plants are grown without the use of chemical fertilizers or poisonous sprays. Often our bottom line is not cost, but environmental impact. We encourage you to grow no or low spray fruits in your yard to help cut back on world pesticide use and the petroleum it takes to truck food across the country, and to foster your good health.

This keeps us very busy, but it does allow us to work the land we live on and to have personal contact with many of our customers. When you communicate with either of us, you are in touch with the same person who propagates, grows, digs, and ships your plants. Testing what we sell, we try to share what we learn with others. We welcome questions and observations. Because we are outside so much, it is easiest to contact us by mail or email. Your letter or answering machine message won't get lost in the shuffle because we respond right away.